Tell me your dreams
and let’s make them come true
Evelina Levi
Evelina Levi
Emotions give life
a sense of purpose
Evelina Levi

Emotional intelligence has changed my life

For a long time I lived in constant fear: for myself, for my loved ones, for an uncertain future that I could not control.
Fear was my cell. I saw that beyond it was the life I had dreamed of, but I didn’t know how to get out of it. I realised that I would have to look for the answer within myself and started studying psychology, coaching and neurography. All these were pieces of the same puzzle, but the most important link was missing for a complete picture.
I learned to understand myself, but the fears didn’t go away.
Then I delved into neurophysiology. Knowing how the brain works gave me control over my feelings. I finally freed myself from the cage of my fear and started to really live.

Emotional intelligence — why do you need it?

In 2016, before the pandemic, it was announced at the World Economic Forum that emotional intelligence will be one of the 10 key skills for business survival in 2020.
Evelina Levy realized the fact that emotional intelligence would be the main skill of the 22nd century even earlier, 10 years ago. , So she studied directly from the founders of the method — Daniel Goleman and Paul Ekman.
According to a study by D. Goleman, people with developed emotional intelligence have better mental health and higher work productivity. At the same time, 67% of leadership skills are due to emotional intelligence.

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Новая книга

«Эмоциональный интеллект: побеждай без манипуляций»

Понимая свои эмоциональные реакции и управляя ими, мы можем принимать оптимальные решения и выбирать те действия и поступки, которые лучше всего раскрывают наш потенциал.

Эмоциональный интеллект влияет на наше становление как личности, умение общаться и создавать прочные отношения не только в рабочем коллективе, но и в семье, с близкими и друзьями.

"The Practice of Managing Emotions"

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Diplomas and education

4 784 hours of personal coaching

117 strategic sessions with teams

3 800 people completed my training programs

I studied only from the founders of the method:

Paul Ekman
Daniel Goleman

Speaker of MGIMO

Speaker of the international interactive festival of contemporary art

Participant of the World Economic Forum in Davos and the International Economic Forum in St. Petersburg


Academy of Emotional Intelligence

Behavioral Analyst, Communication and Lie Detection Specialist

Manchester, England
University of Manchester

Master's Degree in Communication, Behavioral and Reliability Analysis

Manchester, UK
Performance Consultants International

Executive coach

London, England
Performance Consultants International

Transformational Coach

London, England
School of Business and International Competencies MGIMO

Coach for the business environment

Moscow, Russia
Institute of Psychology and Creativity

Neurographic art therapy specialist

Moscow, Russia
GolemanEI Emotional Intelligence Training

Foundations of emotional intelligence and communication skills

Florida, USA
Institute of Group and Family Psychology and Psychotherapy

Indirect suggestions according to the program: Ericksonian therapy and hypnosis

Moscow, Russia