Most people do not know how (or rather do not want to) work with emotions and do not understand what really stands behind fear, resentment and anger. It’s a kind of mental laziness that does not allow people to live as they want to. Meanwhile, there is an algorithm for managing emotions, which can be used by anyone. But are you ready to work on yourself? That’s what I’m teaching to do.

Working with emotions is primary, because it is the core of the personality. The strongest and oldest parts of the brain are controlled by our emotions and reflexes. That is why you need to be able to negotiate with them in order to figure out why something that you do not want constantly happens in your life.

I will help you create a personal strategy for emotional development: learn to understand and manage emotions and reactions.

Express them correctly, not regretting about what happened and dreaming of fixing everything.
Listen and hear what your emotions and the emotions of other people are saying.
Turn them in the right direction to achieve the desired goals.

How I work

I am a coach, not a psychologist. Psychology is about the past, I work with the future, motivating people to achieve their goals, change themselves and their lives for the better. My trick is that over the years of practice I have learned to transform people in the shortest possible time, changing their attitude to the current situations.

I carefully analyze your behavior (verbal and non-verbal), identify the true causes of negative emotions in order to use them effectively, turning your energy in the right direction. I open the possibilities hidden in you, encouraging you to achieve more.

I give your life a clear structure, developing an individual development program. All recommendations are step by step, taking into account your needs, personality and environment. I help you create a new reality, free from fears and prejudices.

Author’s meditations (breathing practices) that relieve you from anxiety and fear, help to accept and love yourself. Being in the moment «here and now», you turn off external stimuli and stressors, focusing on what is really important — the internal state and needs.

Neurographics is one of the types of art therapy that releases energy from the subconscious for actions that are unusual for you. It combines psychological approaches with graphic image techniques, helping to express the state of the inner world on paper.