Our success stories



Physician, 39 years old


The main reason I came to the consultation was to learn how to manage emotions, not to react sharply and quickly to unfair moments in life that I cannot change.

As a result, I began to analyze emotions under different circumstances, why I feel them. We live in a cruel world, but we can change the attitude towards some issues. If everyone learned to understand emotions, analyze and manage them, the world would be different, people would become kinder, life would become easier.

I feel better! I want to thank you for your help that will be guiding my life.


Housewife, 31 years old


I came for a consultation to learn about emotions and understand how to manage them and how they can help make life more positive.

Thanks to Evelina’s assignments, I delved deeply into myself and the situations that bothered me. I had a lot of insights, and sometimes these were obvious things that the brain hid from me.

I began to express emotions and feelings in words. It has become much easier when I pronounce them, and do not bury them within myself, I remain in contact with myself.

All the expectations with which I came came true, thanks to Evelina and her support!


Psychologist, 48 years old


I wanted to learn how to plan emotions and manage them, that was why I came to the consultation. I also wanted to get new tools for working with my own clients.

I have done a lot of work for a deeper understanding of myself, emotions and motivation.A particularly important insight was that it is possible and necessary to use negative emotions for a good cause, and not to abandon them.

I began to understand and accept myself more, treat myself more loyally and take care of myself.

I recommend coming for a consultation to those who want to interact with themselves, to know themselves and connections with the Soul, because it is emotions and feelings that are its manifestation.

Thanks Evelina!


Works with the body (rehab/massage/fitness/stretching; 29 years old


Point A: the interest in mastering a new skill, I’ve had a request for emotional intelligence for about six months.

From Evelina I received structured knowledge, which is very important.
I found that I’d had a setting “Influencing the emotional state of another person is manipulation, and this is bad”, revised it and the very next day was able to help a girl friend cope with the state of helplessness and received an incredible response from her, which made me very happy)

The result of consultations had a very cool effect on the results of the test for emotional intelligence, which perfectly shows a higher result.

I recommend it to everyone! A very cool skill. Pleasant and comfortable communication with respect for personal boundaries and support … priceless!


Lawyer, mother on maternity leave; 41 years old


I came to the consultation out of desperation. I am a very emotional person.
Once I realized that I just couldn’t cope — I was so tired and conflicted with loved ones.
I had emotional breakdowns.

When I started working with Evelina, the pain that had accumulated over the years seemed to pour out of me.
As if for the first time I were allowed to be myself and feel. I stopped being my own enemy and achieved excellent results.
I became calm.

Unpleasant things have not stopped happening, but now I know how to deal with them.
I can predict my emotions and manage them.
And I can also enter a resourceful state.
It’s an extraordinary feeling!
I’m no longer destroying my environment and tire myself. I am productive and I have a lot of ideas.
Emotional intelligence is a critical skill, and a woman, as a parent and the emotional backbone of a family, needs it.

Many thanks to Evelina! I got exactly what I expected and more!


Mom on maternity leave, 27 years old


I came to the consultation first of all to learn how to work with negative emotions, especially anger and irritation, as well as self-doubt and guilt that prevented me from living happily and moving towards goals. During my studies, I saw a lot of blocks and negative attitudes deeply from the past, from childhood.

But fighting them turned out to be easier than I thought.
The techniques that Evelina gives really work!
Evelina’s author’s meditations are an excellent tool to calm down, live the day better and more consciously.

Now I am a different person.
There are changes in my thinking. I have become more balanced, I react differently to irritating factors, when certain emotions arise, I first of all look for their cause. I also learned to build boundaries, plan the day so that I can always recharge with energy, happiness.

I also want to note that my self-esteem and motivation have grown. I have already recommended to my friends to study emotional intelligence.

And to everyone who does not know how to manage emotions and who wants to work on their internal state, self-esteem and self-confidence, wants to learn how to effectively use intelligence, abilities and improve relationships with others and the quality of world perception — I recommend Evelina’s consultations.

I am satisfied with the result, my expectations were justified!
Thank you, Evelina for helping people change their lives!



Teacher, 49 years old


I came to the consultation with the problem of overreacting to unfair criticism and any attempts to devalue me as a professional.

After sessions with Evelina, I began to better understand my own and other people’s emotions, learned about different life scenarios and their impact on our lives.

The most important thing was the approach to understand the causes of resentment.
In general, much has become clearer.



Psychiatrist, 41


I came for a consultation with problems of increased anxiety, self-doubt and guilt, as well as with the problem of lack of understanding with my husband.

Thanks to Evelina, I have made a journey into myself and finally sorted out my emotional states.
I realized that I do not know how to manage emotions, and they control me.
I figured out the structure of a difficult family situation that had developed 2 years ago and led to severe stress: I traced the entire range of my emotional states and realized that I won in it thanks to the emotion of jealousy, although I always considered it «bad».

I realized that there are no «bad» and «good» emotions, they are all needed, and even the emotion of anxiety can serve as a motivation, for example, to improve health.

Self-doubt when performing certain tasks can be overcome by launching interest or drive as motivation!
It was very interesting to analyze significant events based on their emotional component. I saw the «roots» of wrong attitudes and how they affected my life.

And managing cash flow with the help of emotions is absolutely great!
In my opinion, everyone needs emotional intelligence.
And it needs to be taught from adolescence.

This will lay the foundation for a successful life and allow to avoid serious mistakes in raising future children. This knowledge, combined with medication, can even help people with borderline mental disorders.
My expectations were more than justified. Many thanks to Evelina.


IT specialist, 42 years old


I came to Evelina’s consultation to regain the joy of life and stop taking it out on others. She taught me how to deal with my emotions, how to work without burnout, and how to set and defend my boundaries.
I also rethought some aspects of life.

Emotion planning helps a lot in working with the emotional state.
Now I am much calmer about everything, I find positive emotions easier, I understand others better and I pay more attention to what they feel.

I would recommend consultations with Evelina to those who want to find positive moments in life, rethink failures, build boundaries in which it is comfortable to live and communicate with others.